Sales Page Superhero

The easy, low cost, totally gorgeous way to sell and deliver your digital product or service package. With superpowers.

You've got an amazing digital product—on your computer or in your brain. Your only problem? Delivery.

You're overwhelmed with advice, yet feel like you're starting from zero. Maybe you've looked at tools like Gumroad, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Kajabi, or SamCart… And while they look pretty cool, you're confused about which one to use and reluctant to commit to their monthly fees - many of which are kinda pricey... You're not ready to commit huge $$$ until you see some traction.

Then there are the tools you already have—your website, your email marketing platform, your billing software... And you're left wondering, "How do these fit into the big picture of selling a digital product or a new service package?"

Then the mindset drama might come up... You might feel a bit awkward about selling—and this is not helped by the fact that you don't know exactly how you're going to take peoples' money and deliver your product to them. Against this backdrop, there's the frustration that's rising because you know your product is amazing—if only you could put it into actual WORDS that make people BUY!!

You know you're so close to making money in your sleep—if only you could find the best way to sell and deliver your product... Something that:
Is low cost and high valueIs easy to use—for you and your customersLooks gorgeous and is very YOUClearly communicates your product's superpowersHandles payment and delivery without the fuss

This looks like a job for the Sales Page Superhero...

A sales page template + video training bundle to help you DIY your high-converting sales page.

When you purchase Sales Page Superhero, you'll get a set of resources that packs a punch:




The Sales Page Copywriting Google Doc

The Sales Page Copywriting Google Doc will give you the structure for a Sales Page with Superpowers.

After years of sales page building, I find it's best to have my copy written up before I start with the design and technical setup of my sales page. So, as soon as you've purchased Sales Page Superhero, you can open up the Sales Page Copywriting Prompts Google Doc and start writing.

The best part: you won't be staring at a blinking cursor! Instead, you'll have a clear sales page structure with copywriting prompts to guide you. Simply answer the prompts and your Sales Page will start coming to life!

The Sales Page Template (in Carrd)

No need to worry about design or technical setup. Sales Page Superhero has done 90% of the work for you in the form of the Sales Page Template, which is set up on the wonderful 1-page website builder, Carrd. Here's what the Sales Page Template gives you...

Beautiful, modern design.

The baseline design will look stunning as-is and by making a few color tweaks and adding in your own images, you can make it uniquely yours. If you feel confident to make bigger design changes, then go for it.

A high-converting sales page structure with copywriting prompts for each section.

Simply answer the prompts for your offer, and you’ll have a sales page written up that’ll really speak to your ideal clients and get them to hit that “Buy” or “Book a Call” button – pronto.

Preset automations for technical processes like payment and email marketing integration.

Stuff like payment processing and email marketing integration is part of the template. Simply add in your particular information—like your PayPal or Stripe payment details—so you can start seeing those payment notifications rolling in! I’ll walk you through exactly how to do this, as well as all the other technical bits, in the training videos.

A product delivery page (that your buyers will see once they’ve paid).

Deliver your PDF e-book, your videos, your audios, or your bonus resources—on your beautiful and stylish Product Delivery Page. Service providers like coaches could use this page to deliver a welcome gift or the link for your client to book their first session. I'll show you how to use a few free third-party services to host your content and deliver it with style. And if you opt for the Carrd Pro Plus Plan (only $49 per year), then you can password-protect your Product Delivery Page.

The Comprehensive Training Videos

If you have any concerns about using the Sales Page Template or getting the tech set up for your own product, then never fear—you'll get comprehensive training videos focusing on four main areas...

Sales Page Copywriting + the Carrd Sales Page Template

I'll give you guidance for writing a high-converting sales page. You now have a copywriter on your Board of Advisors. ;)

And then, you'll paste all of your content into the Sales Page Template in Carrd. I'll show you how to adapt and customize the template to make it your own—revealing some of my best Carrd tips and tricks along the way.

Setting up the Payment Process

You'll have different options for taking payment, depending on the Carrd Plan you choose. I'll walk you through the different options and show you how to input your payment information—so you can start earning money in your sleep.

Setting up the Product Page

The last training focuses on delivering your product to your new customers. What's great about Sales Page Superhero is that your product delivery page doesn't have to stick within the confines of a platform like Teachable or Gumroad. Instead, you can really make your Product Page look like YOU and your brand.

You can deliver anything from PDFs to videos to audios—and a whole lot more. You will have to use a third-party service like YouTube to actually host the content, but I'll show you exactly how to do this, and all the third-party tools I use are free.

Now, Sales Page Superhero + Carrd has a secret superpower...
An extremely low price for incredible value.

Want to run the numbers? Check this out...

The bottom line is this: Carrd PRO Standard is only $19 per YEAR and PRO Plus is only $49 per YEAR.

Sales Page Superhero + Carrd packs a value punch!

The cost of the Sales Page Superhero template + training bundle is a once-off cost—and you'll get lifetime access to all updates. The only other cost you'll have is your annual Carrd subscription of either $19 or $49 per YEAR. It's kinda ludicrous, I know!

Why is Carrd You may ask. Well, it was originally designed to be an online business card - a very simple place to put your details on the web. It's evolved since then (and I think it is a stunning platform), but it wasn't specifically designed to be a sales page or digital product sales platform.

And that's why you need Sales Page Superhero—it gives Carrd sales page superpowers! You could think of Carrd as Kristin Wells/Clark Kent and Sales Page Superhero as Superwoman/Superman.

When you buy Sales Page Superhero, you’ll be getting the exact template and plug-and play systems that I use for my 1:1 clients, like Jennifer.

Shelley brings a wealth of technical and strategic expertise to her work. For my last launch, I went straight to the expert. Shelley delivered beyond my wildest dreams! She made a beautiful sales page and advised on the best course of action for housing and delivering my digital product. Shelley went above and beyond in every aspect of our work together. She was incredibly responsive to my needs and grasped intuitively what I was trying to convey on the sales page. The final product blew me away. I often get this reaction when people see my digital product: ‘Wow!’ It’s all because of Shelley—she brings the ‘wow’ factor.

Jennifer Locke, Author Coach and Creator of Book in Six

Imagine one week from today, publishing your sales page and launching your offer. It can be that simple.

You’ll post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn—and you’ll be confident that people will be clicking through to a professional sales page that your ideal clients will love and that will inspire them to BUY.

Imagine emailing friends and family, and casually mentioning that you have a new offer—knowing that they’ll be blown away when they visit your sales page. They’ll share your offer with ideal clients—and maybe even sign up themselves!

Imagine closing down all those open browser tabs with tools, tech, tips and advice—knowing that you’re sorted now. The overwhelm is over.

Imagine playing with your kids in the garden, or taking them on an educational field trip, or getting that mani-pedi—and then receiving those PayPal or Stripe notifications… Another sale!!!

Hi, I’m Shelley Smith!

I’m Shelley, a copywriter and launch strategist. I developed Sales Page Superhero after writing and designing a countless number of sales pages for my clients (and myself!). In the process, I’ve come up with a plug-and-play sales page formula that I know works every time.

And after working on many different sales page platforms and website builders, my favorite platform for building quick and professional sales pages is… Carrd—by a country mile! But pretty much everyone I’ve worked with has never heard of Carrd before. I’m starting to think it’s the best kept secret in the online world.

But I want to let you in on the secret and share my copywriting and Carrd tips with you so that you can get your digital product or service package out in front of your ideal clients. Quickly and beautifully.

Sales Page Superhero contains my best copywriting strategies for writing a high-converting sales page plus a plug-and-play Carrd template that I use as the starting point for all of my custom copywriting clients’ sales pages. And in the training videos, I’ll walk you through how to use the template—step by step.

Getting a Sales Page up made all the difference in Nancy's business...

If someone had told me that I'd have a digital product for sale within two months, I wouldn't have believed them. There are so many aspects to manage that if I'd tried to do it alone, I would've given up or still be knee-deep in the details. Thanks to Shelley's experience and guidance, I got through all the twists and turns and launched my first product. I'm no longer on the sidelines thinking about launching something, but in the online arena with my first paid product offer. It's a real identity shift.
Nancy Conway, Food Blogger and Educator

What you’ll get with Sales Page Superhero:

The Sales Page Template copywriting prompts in a Google Doc.The Sales Page Template in Carrd. All you’ll need to do is plug in the information about your offer, using the prompts.3 training videos walking you through how to use the Sales Page Template and create your own beautiful Sales Page.

Sales Page Superhero is packed with at least $250 worth of value, however as a special launch price, you can get it for just $49!

Carrd Crash Course

If you’re new to Carrd, then this video training will show you all the ins and outs of Carrd, so that you can feel confident using this beautiful, simple one-page website builder.

I’m pretty confident that after putting together your first sales page in Carrd, you’ll be hooked – just like me! You’ll be using it for pop-up offers, lead magnet landing pages, portfolio pages, or even your whole website!

The Carrd Crash Course is valued at $39, but you’ll get it FREE with your purchase of Sales Page Superhero.

You’ll be getting a total of $289 worth of value for only $49.

Get Sales Page Superhero NOW

A template + training bundle to accelerate your sales page over the finish line—so you can start selling your offer and making money.

Get Sales Page Superhero for only $49.

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1. Buy Sales Page Superhero
Start watching the videos and writing up your sales page immediately.
2. Sign up for a Carrd subscription
Thanks so much for using my affiliate link, and remember you’ll get a 7-day free trial. Choose either the Pro Standard at $19/year or the Pro Plus at $49/year. My recommendation would be Pro Plus – it’s great value and you’ll have the full feature set, so you won’t have to worry with hacks and workarounds.
3. Get the Sales Page Template
Complete the form on the Sales Page Superhero Product Page or send an email to from the email address you’ve used to sign up with Carrd and I’ll send you the Sales Page Template within 24 hours.


Sales Page Superhero is not an online course that hits you with a bunch of theory and exercises and then leaves you to try and apply what you’ve learned in your business.
Instead, it’s like those muffin mixes you buy in a box at the supermarket, where you just need to add eggs and oil, and then mix and bake. I’ve provided you with the muffin mix—in the form of the Sales Page Template. You just need to add the eggs and oil—in the form of your copy, your images, and a good dash of your own personal style. And, to continue the metaphor, you’ll get a detailed recipe and a demonstration by the chef—in the form of the training videos and the bonus materials.

Now before you rush off to go and bake a batch of muffins, it’s decision time…

- How much more time are you going to spend researching tools and tech before you settle on the right combination?
- How much time are you going to spend staring at a blinking cursor—or deleting paragraphs of writing that just don’t sound right?
- How much longer does your audience have to wait to buy your offer (they want it, they really really want it!)?
- How much money (and fun) are you losing out on each day that you haven’t launched your offer?
- Are you ready to sprint your way towards the sales page finish line?

If you’re ready to let go of over-complication and embrace a simple and fun sales page development process, then there’s one thing left to do…

Sales Page Review

If you sign up for Sales Page Superhero before September 9th, 2020, then you’ll get a bonus Sales Page Review. You’ll be able to claim this review any time before the end of 2020 – but you must purchase before October 25th, 2020.

The review will be in the form of a personalized Loom video of 20-30 minutes. I’ll read your copy, review your design and offer any suggestions that I think will up your conversion rate and make your page look even more swanky. ;)

A personalized Sales Page Review would normally be $99—but if you buy Sales Page Superhero now, it’s yours for FREE.

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers…

OK, so what’s this tool called Carrd?

Card is a one-page website builder. You could think of it as similar to Squarespace or Wix, only you’re just building one web page, rather than a whole web site. (Incidentally, with a few hacks, you could create the look of a full website using Carrd).
The brilliant thing about Carrd is that it is—I’m just going to say it—cheap! The Standard Plan is just $19 per YEAR and the Plus Plan is $49 per YEAR.
Plus, it really is a joy to use. And with the bonus Carrd Crash Course you’ll get as part of your purchase of Sales Page Superhero, you’ll be comfortable using Carrd quite quickly.

Why do I need Carrd? Why can’t I just build a sales page on my own website platform or on an email marketing platform like ConvertKit?

A sales page has one goal: to get the visitor to buy your offer.
The problem with doing a sales page on your website is that there are other distractions, like even your top navigation bar (oh, let’s read her About Page… and look at this neat freebie she’s got here… oh, she’s on Instagram, mmmmm… distracted… doesn’t “Buy Now”).
When you’re launching a particular offer, you don’t want to confuse your potential clients with lots of options—you want to make it abundantly clear that the only action that they should take is to BUY NOW, or for a high-ticket offer, to BOOK A CALL. Having a separate sales page allows you to do that.
And why not use the landing page features on email marketing platforms like ConvertKit? Well, because they’re just not robust and customizable enough. I also don’t think they’re suitable for long-form sales pages. You’re going to be pulling your hair out.
Whereas Carrd is super customizable, your page can be as long as you want (I think so—I write a heck of a lot and so far, I’ve never hit any limits!), and your sales page will look great! And don’t worry, integrating your Carrd Sales Page with the rest of your website is quite simple.

I’m just getting started in business. Do I need Sales Page Superhero yet?

YES, YES, an emphatic YES! Sales Page Superhero is perfect for beginner entrepreneurs! In fact, it’s my firm belief that you need a sales page before you need a full website. So, you can use Sales Page Superhero and the Sales Page Template to write and design your first website. It’s the simplest way to get going and get your offer out in front of your ideal clients.

Do I have to use Carrd?

I’d highly recommend it. The Sales Page Template is set up on Carrd and the trainings are all centered around the Carrd platform. However, you could still use the sales page copywriting prompts to write up your sales page, and then use another platform to put it together – if you really wanted to. But I think you’ll quickly become a Carrd fan like me ;)

Does the purchase of Sales Page Superhero include my Carrd subscription?

No, these are two separate payments. And, just to mention, Carrd offers a free 7-day trial.

Which Carrd plan should I sign up for?

There is a Free and a Pro Lite Plan, but neither of those include forms—which you’ll need for your sales page. So that leaves you with two options to consider: Pro Standard and Pro Plus.
Pro Standard is $19 per year and you get 10 sites—pretty awesome, right?! So you could essentially create a sales page for your signature coaching offer, your digital product, your ebook, your lead magnet, and then another 6 more sales or landing pages. YES!
On Pro Standard, you get Simple Forms, which means you can get an email when someone fills in a form. You can also link your email marketing platform (MailChimp, ConvertKit, Revue, MailerLite, GetResponse, and a few others – but unfortunately not Flodesk yet). There’s also the option to embed a PayPal or a Stripe widget, which will allow you to take payment.
Pro Plus is $49 per year and you get 25 sites—even more awesome! What you also get is Custom Forms, which among other things, allows for a much more seamless payment process—so well worth it in my opinion. However this automatic payment feature is only available through Stripe right now (so not an option if you’re in a country that doesn’t support Stripe).
Pro Plus also allows you to integrate with things like Airtable and Zapier—which may have some nice automation benefits for you.
And the last benefit of Pro Plus that I’ll mention is the ability to do a password-protected page. So, what I’ve done is to use one of my 25 Carrd sites as my sales page, then I’ve created another Carrd site with my videos, PDFs and other deliverables, and password-protected that page. All I need to do is to share this password with my buyers, and they’ll be asked for that password before they access the content.

I’m already on Wordpress/Squarespace/Wix/[insert website platform here]… Will this work for me?

Yip – totally. It doesn’t matter which website or hosting platform you’re on—this solution works for everyone.

How do I integrate my Carrd sales page with the rest of my website?

We’ll create a subdomain through your domain host. So, my site is I’ve created a subdomain called, which I did through my domain host. Your domain host might be Squarespace, Go Daddy, Bluehost, or wherever you registered your domain name (you pay them an annual domain name renewal fee).
I’ll walk you through how to create a subdomain as part of Sales Page Superhero. And then once you’ve got that set up, you’ll link that page throughout your website, on social media, and have a signwriter paint it on the wall of your house.

How do I get the Sales Page Template?

First, you need to sign up for a Carrd account – you can get a free trial for 7 days. (That link is an affiliate link – I’d love it if you’d use it, as it helps me to keep the price of Sales Page Sprint low).
Once you’ve bought Sales Page Superhero, you’ll be taken to the Sales Page Superhero Course Page. On this page, there’s a form that you need to fill in with the email address you’ve used to sign up with Carrd. Once you complete this form, I’ll transfer the template across to your Carrd account and you’ll be able to accept it and start editing it to make it your own. I’d recommend keeping the template in its original form, and then making a copy of it for your sales page.

How will I access the videos and other resources for Sales Page Superhero?

All of the resources will be on the Sales Page Superhero Course Page, which you’ll get to after making payment through PayPal. I’ll also email you the link to the Sales Page Superhero Course Page for future reference.

How long will I have access to Sales Page Superhero?

You have lifetime access to Sales Page Superhero (this refers to the product’s lifetime—not your own). You’ll also be entitled to any updates and additions I do to the product for no additional cost. If I do ever decide to retire Sales Page Superhero, I will contact you via the email you used on purchase and give you ample notice to download any resources you want—however I don’t see that happening anytime soon!

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with my purchase?

No, because Sales Page Superhero is a low-priced digital product packed full of value, I will not offer any refunds. If you have any questions about the product before you buy, please get in touch with me using the info below…

Any other questions…?

For any other questions about Sales Page Superhero, please email me at and I’ll be happy to assist.

© Shelley Smith Creative. All rights reserved.

Now, Sales Page Superhero + Carrd has a secret superpower...
An extremely low price for incredible value.

Let's run the numbers, shall we...

OptionPriceTotal to Pay Now
Sales Page Superhero + Carrd Pro Standard$49 (once-off) + $19/year$68
Sales Page Superhero + Carrd Pro Plus$49 (once-off) + $49/year$98
Teachable (Basic)$29/month (paid annually) + 5% transaction fee$348
Teachable (Pro)$99/month (paid annually) - no transaction fee$1188
Gumroad (First Tier Plan)$108 (paid annually) + 3,5% transaction fee$108
Samcart (First Tier Plan)$49/month or $470 (paid annually)$470

Teachable's pricing will be similar to platforms like Thinkific, Podia, and other course delivery platforms. I didn't even consider Kajabi (which granted, is a more comprehensive solution) which starts at $1428 (billed annually).

Gumroad is the only other option that comes close to Sales Page Superhero + Carrd, price-wise—but it's not very pretty and customizable and you'll be losing out on transaction fees.

Then there's an option like Samcart, which is a good platform, but consider this: for $49, you get a full YEAR of Carrd's top tier plan; and for the same price, you get only one MONTH of Samcart's lowest tier plan.

So, I hope you can see what great value Sales Page Superhero + Carrd is. And remember, the cost of the Sales Page Superhero template + training bundle is a once-off cost—and you'll get lifetime access to all updates. The only other cost you'll have is your annual Carrd subscription of either $19 or $49 per YEAR. It's kinda ludicrous, I know!

Why is Carrd You may ask. Well, it was originally designed to be an online business card - a very simple place to put your details on the web. It's evolved since then (and I think it is a stunning platform), but it wasn't specifically designed to be a sales page or digital product sales platform.

And that's why you need Sales Page Superhero—it gives Carrd sales page superpowers! You could think of Carrd as Kristin Wells/Clark Kent and Sales Page Superhero as Superwoman/Superman.

You're in!

Check your email inbox ...
And if you have any problems with accessing the content, please reach out to me at

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